Creative Portfolio

Major project

I decided for my major project I would create a food based social media app, with a complete working prototype.

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The How of a Brand

This assignment required us to pick a brand briefly discuss the why of that brand then talk about the how. I chose Urban Decay, as their why is really interesting and inspiring to me.

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Creative brief

This assignment involved us getting a brief from a pretend client and then carrying out the role of an account manager and turning it into a creative brief for our creative team.


Brand Essence 

This assignment required us to choose a brand and explore the essence and assets of that brand, I chose Lush as the brand is strong in its beliefs and values but also very visually strong and true to its branding.

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Create a campaign 

For our last art direction assignment we had to create a whole campaign, from the material used to the timelines. Me and my partner chose to do a campaign on Beyond Blue as we thought it was an important issue that needed more awareness.

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Prediction of the future of advertising. 

This assignment required us to all make a presentation on one aspect of the advertising industry and what we think the future of it involves. I chose the future of the creative, as i thought the idea of running out of original thought was interesting.

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UX problem and solution

We were tasked with identifying a user experience problem and trying to create a solution, we were to show our journey and research. I decided to focus on medical center wait times as this is a problem that affects and irks me.

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Rebanding a business

This assignment involved the class meeting with real small business owners and talking about their business goals, Initially we had to create a billboard and electronic poster for the business, then we had to create a new logo, and we tied it all together with a presentation on the rebranding.

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Stop motion video 

For this assignment we were required to make a stop motion video and a gif that involved the word joy. Me and my partner decided to create a stopmotion video that would be able to show what makes us both feel joy, for me it was makeup and creating art for someones face, for my partner Rowan, it was the colours we chose and the ice cream aesthetic we ended up with.


Target group Moodboard 

Select a consumer product and get to know it. Research and review the product then List both the positives and negatives. Document your research in point form, and collect visual reference. Describe at least 3 target groups for the product you chose using words and images. Select 1 target group and create a 50-100 word profile of a typical person from this group. Create a moodboard using images of the target person and their lifestyle using Pinterest to collect, Photoshop to collate, and Acrobat to present.


Create an Ad using Photoshop

“Start with Vegemite” ( had been a successful campaign to get people to begin their day with the product. Vegemite is going to concentrate on a recent white paper that has hit the media showing the health and learning benefits in Preschool to Year 6 of vitamin B.

For this campaign, they want to push and promote Vegemite as a quick, easy and nutritious food for young children’s school lunches. Create an advertisement for Vegemite that will appeal to this age group and create it using Adobe Photoshop. Using two original photographs as the main elements, deep etch a selection of one of the images and then place it within or over the other image. Add a headline, body copy, call to action, product shot and logo. Make sure all elements are on separate Photoshop layers.



Product poster 

Using a specific target group selected for Pomegranate juice, prepare a creative brief for a poster. Using the Word template provided. Including the business problem, the key insight, the marketable truth, and the target audience. Include imagery of the actual product and research existing advertising of your product. 

Create a Poster to advertise the product. Feature the key insight identified and develop a concept which will speak to the specific target audience. Create thumbnail sketches and high quality hand rendered layouts, must include image reference , a headline, the logo of the brand, and a call to action text or information.


Create a brand logo in Illustrator 

Produce a pictorial logo with matching logotype on the same non-for-profit using vector forms. Also, produce three colour variations based on consumer target group colour theory definitions

  1. Abstract basic forms (squares, circles, triangles, lines): Using Adobe Illustrator, produce an abstract logo and matching logotype for a non-for-profit using only abstract basic forms. Combine this with an original photographic image to create a poster. 
  2. Pictorial forms and colour theory: Again using Adobe Illustrator, produce a pictorial logo with matching logotype on the same non-for-profit using vector forms. Also, produce three colour variations based on consumer target group colour theory definitions.

typographical Poster Created in Illustrator

Choose a font and Write a paragraph on this font as if it were a person, then create a Image using letters in the font that represents the font.  –

” Comic sans is like the Adam Sandler of fonts. It was popular for a while from 1995-2010 but then everyone realised how cringe it was, yet it still refuses to go away. Comic Sans is the guy at a party who wasn’t invited but shows up anyway. He’s the kinda guy who steals jokes and uses pickup lines off the internet.”s_robertson_illustrator_postertypogiorlgnsrtwh



Advertising and media

Choose a product, create a creative brief for this product then create a thumbnail based off that creative brief. Select and define a product or service available on the Australian market.  It is recommended to choose a product/industry that has accessible information/company/industry facts etc.  This analysis covers the Australian market only. Key research areas include evaluation of the background of the brand/product, marketing environment, competition, marketing objectives and strategy. Clearly define Advertising objectives, target audience and positioning statement. Identify the role of advertising – what is the problem that advertising has to solve. 

Outdoor Advertising Campaign 

Create an Outdoor advertising Campaign ON Gun violence in America, Target at Males 18-25 and for an NGO Against gun violence. Conduct research to identify the key insight and the marketable truth, which will inform your creative solution. Document research in point form, and collect visual reference. Create an Outdoor campaign that features strong visual impact by using an unusual and attention-grabbing key visual. Create thumbnail sketches and hand rendered layouts. Must also include a headline, logo and CTA.  


Photo metaphor 

Create a photo metaphor poster for an Australian company. I chose to do Breast screen Australia to raise awareness for breast cancer and inform people of the importance of getting a screening and detecting cancer earlybreast-screenkk

 Defining the target Audience

Define the Zara Primary Target Audience according to the various typologies. Using Roy Morgan Asteroid database and mining the quantitative research data to back up your defined audience. Also defining Zaras archetype.

Being an explorer of the world

conduct personal exploration in order to observe, collect and analyse behavioural patterns. They then compare fundamental forms and methods of formal and informal research and present key insights from their personal exploration. I chose to do my love for makeup and why i wear and use it so often.